C&F International School for Communication and Leadership is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and researching, as well as to discovering leaders in many areas, and causing differences for students. As of February 2017, the school has an enrollment of over 7,000 students including students at different ages ranging from 5 to 17 years old, with more than 15,500 on the waiting list. The mission of C&F is to transform the unequal distribution of educational resources and then lead to a profound revolution in human resources in underdeveloped regions of China. To achieve the goal, C&F has been continuously updating equipment for teaching. Moreover, the School has built a private library in addition to its preparation of a book store. To make it the cultural Eden of Kunming, C&F School keeps bringing in award-winning books from book affairs worldwide, 80% of which are not available all over China. Furthermore, C&F has established its own Curricular Development and Research Center, with the purpose of offering students with high-quality learning materials as well as efficient and systematic learning methods. Last but not the least, C&F holds a series of interactive learning activities to enhance students' motivation as well as strengthen their belief in efforts. All these parts intertwine inextricably and contribute to broaden students` horizons.


About C&F

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    Our Story

    Since 2006, C&F school has experienced three updates on teaching buildings. Every update brings not only new and better learning environment, but also more opportunities and broader visions. Besides, ten years of development grant fierce working ethics and strong senses of mission, which are the most appreciable culture to C&F. Despite of pitiful changes in team members, the team and its culture and mission stay. We believe firmly that there are no short cuts to success and only lasting efforts pay back. Thus, C&F endeavors to nurture practical and hard-working top talents, integrating the revolution of human resources in Yunnan into the mission of C&F school.

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    How We Teach

    C&F breaks the single-directional communication mode in traditional classrooms. Students are actively involved in class. Thus they learn knowledge with greater initiative. We intend to ignite the active way of thinking among students and motivate students’ active participation in classrooms. As a result, you can see teachers in Maori costumes, teachers teaching while standing on desks and students bringing all kinds of props to class. C&F also integrates teachers, students and especially parents into classroom environments, which reaches a balance between school and family education.

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    Impact of C&F

    The school, which is based in the center of Kunming, has an enrollment of over 6,500 learning with more than 15,000 on the waiting list. Through these students, C&F has impacted more than a population of 200,000, directly and indirectly. More importantly, we aim to nurture students’ learning behavior and habit, so that they could benefit from their experience in C&F even if they leave the school one day. As more projects are launched and more people are involved, C&F experience will change local people’s attitude towards life.

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    Projects as the Reading Instruction, New Curriculum Development contribute to construct an dynamic and efficient learning system.
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    Festivals are the days of pure celebration and enjoyment for the children ,parents and all members in c&f school.