Our story

Dedicated to creation and the dissemination of knowledge, C&F school illuminates the past,
shapes and serves the future through educating students wisely. In the ten years of development and evolution,
C&F has eventually formed and aggregated its unique culture, integrating the revolution of human resources in Yunnan into the mission of the school.
As of February 2017, the school has an enrollment of over 22,500 students including students at different ages ranging from 5 to 17 years old.


  • 2006 - 2007

    Starting from a humble rented room with only one teacher and his 5 students, C&F School presented itself as an English training school in 2006. Most English learners in China have severe problems in speaking the language, posing restrictions on natural communication with foreigners. If the problem is not solved in time, students tend to lose their confidence in speaking English. Since its birth, C&F has focused on oral English, intending to help English learners to overcome the biggest difficulty from both pedagogical and psychological perspectives.

  • 2008 - 2009

    Students from C&F School won 3 top 10 positions in the Star of Outlook English Speaking Competition. Since then, more and more people started to know and learn about C&F School. At the same time, C&F also confirmed its mentality that “To succeed, there are no short cuts but hard work.” Now it is an essential component of C&F culture. We are not just teaching English, but also developing beneficial habits and positive life attitudes for students.

  • 2010 - 2011

    C&F experienced their first upgrade to the teaching environment, which optimized the learning conditions for students. With a variety of advanced equipment to assist in teaching and learning, students gained a unique experience and broadened their horizons while learning. At this time, the amount of students attending the school increased to more than 500. Although the quantity of students increased, the quality of teaching has never fallen.

  • 2012 - 2013

    More and more students believed that C&F is able to bring changes to their lives. Faced with greater trust from students, C&F regarded it as an opportunity to reinvent its culture. We aimed to develop learning habits, and increase students’ confidence in speaking English. At the same time, we also emphasized widening students’ vision and encouraged their ambition in the pursuit of their life targets. Finally, it is the educational level of Yunnan Province where we intended to make a difference. Every employee in C&F School became a practitioner and inheritor of C&F culture, making an impact on more and more children.

  • 2014 - 2015

    Moving into the dreamlike site of over 1,600 square meters in the center of Kunming city, C&F spread its impact to over 2,000 students with nearly 5,000 more on the waiting list. Although stepping into a high-speed development stage, C&F still stood fast in maintaining the quality of education. Meanwhile, business trips, organized by C&F, to countries advanced in educational practices such as Germany, France and Japan, established a bridge between the students in C&F and those from other countries, which brought in high-quality resources to our students. These achievements required immense devotion from every member of C&F, which in turn extracted the new keyword for this stage – work ethic.

  • 2016

    This year was a milestone. Many students obtained a score of over 110 out of 120 in the TOEFL exam, representing the effects of the hard work over the past ten years. Additionally, C&F School has invested a large amount of money in creating the biggest reading teaching research center in South-western China. Assisted by the latest resources collected from Germany and France, the teaching research center is now developing new courses and identifying suitable reading materials for students of different ages, satisfying the needs of students’ growth. Moreover, the teaching research center has also introduced brand new teaching facilities and interior design ideas, which have radically changed the learning environment for students and parents.

To the future

In the ten-year path of C&F’s growth, our core culture and mission have gradually come into being, making C&F school not only an English training institute, but also a critical role in increasing the educational level of children and parents in Kunming. While we devised a systematic outline of teaching, C&F has organized various projects and activities, making differences to students, parents and many other people in the city. In the future, C&F will admit students at younger and older ages, and expand into new districts of the city, so that we can not only bring changes to students’ learning habits, but further make an impact on the life style of more people in the city, and the nation. We are doing what we believe in – changing the lives of those here and bringing more outstanding materials for more people.