Foreign Teacher

Teaching Department

Job Descriptions

  • Class preparing and teaching jobs.

  • Teaching and research.

  • Training and teaching assessment.

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in any discipline, English & Business Management majors are preferred. 

  • Teachers with teaching certifications are preferred. Certifications include but are not limited to CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, etc. 

  • Teachers with experience of teaching content courses are preferred. Content courses include but are not limited to AP, GRE, SAT, SSAT, etc. 

  • Teachers with focus for detailed work, high sense of responsibility and a good spirit of cooperation are preferred.


Compensation System

Salary = Fixed salary (¥7,400/ month) + Allowance for class (¥250~350/hour).  
Native speakers with teaching experience of more than 1 year are preferred. 

Estimated income: If the teacher has 15 classes (please note that each foreign teachers’ class is 40 minutes long) per week, he/she will receive a salary of 7,245 (fixed salary after tax) + 200*15 classes*4 weeks (300/hour or 200/class) = ¥19,245/month (after tax);


Welfare Treatment

  • Commercial Medical Insurance provided for employees. 

  • Vacation: The employees of the school are provided with the statutory holiday of 11 days and 20~30 days of annual leave. 

  • Free flight tickets to the teacher’s native country (teachers can get a free round ticket every time the contract is renewed; first year contract —— 1 round ticket; second year contract ——2 round tickets under teacher or teacher’s spouse or children’s name.

How to apply?

1: Click "Apply" to fill out the job application form.

2: Send a email to with your resume named “your name + Foreign Teacher”.

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